Warning – Before You Book Your Next Cruise You Must Read This Report

The amazing secrets that travel agents don’t want you to know.

Did you realize that on every cruise booking, weather it’s a last minute deal or a cheap deal or a standard booking, the travel agent makes anywhere from 10% to 20% commission? Now the average family spends anywhere from $3000.00 to $5000.00 on a cruise by the time you add in all the extras. That adds up to a $300.00 to $1000.00 commission on every cruise booking per family. Not bad for a few clicks of a mouse. How cruise-ship-booking would you like to eliminate those commissions from your cruise cost, or maybe put the savings back in your pocket?

According to the (FCCA) Florida – Caribbean Cruise Ass., there were 12.8 million cruisers in 2008, an increase of 200,000 passengers from 2007. Not bad for an economic meltdown. With this, For more info please visit sites:-https://www.msccruisesbooking.com https://www.book-cruise-online.com 80% of the cruises were booked through travel agents. That adds up to a whopping 48 million in commissions paid to travel agents every year, and for what, an hour of their time. WOW, now that’s insane. Want to know how the other 20% are booking their cruises?

They are using a system that was originated 2001. This system that is becoming very popular and according to Travel Weekly Magazine is 26th in leisure travel and by 2011 is predicted to be the No.1 way to book cruises and leisure travel. You see this system turns the table on traditional travel agents and puts that money back in the pockets of the consumer. Doesn’t that sound AWESOME? booking-a-cruise

Cruising stands to be the No.1 choice for vacations mainly because of the value and the destinations. You see everything’s included your food, your room and your entertainment. Because of this cruising is growing at a rate of 8% a year. Just think how much more commissions travel agents are making. That’s ludicrous to pay that for such little time and effort. Did you also realize that 90% of travel agents personal travel and vacations are just about free? Let me give you an example, lets say a travel agent books a group, a church group of 50 people, comforthottubs he not only gets commission but for every 15 people that go, he gets a free ticket. Not bad for a little time and effort.

Here is a quote from an unknown author, “Vacations used to be a luxury, but in today’s world it has become a necessity.”

In this time of economic challenge you need to be smarter with your money, more savvy. Before you book your next cruise, weather you are a first time cruiser or you are a seasoned one. Don’t get caught paying those high commissions, pinkribbonlove keep them to yourself.


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