Use Christian Forums to Share the Good News of Jesus

In today’s fast paced world, there is little time for spiritual aspects. Everyone is worried about their career, family and future. Even Christians are traveling in the same boat and are not spending time with the Lord. To save people from sin God sent His only Son Jesus to die on the cross and bring salvation into the world. However, al3abgame after 2000+ years there are people around the world who still did not hear this good news. For others, this is just news and not good news. That is why it is important to use Christian forums to share this Good news with everyone as people have access to the Internet more than anything else.

The Internet technology has 1stchoicepestcontrol changed the way people live. It even applies to spirituality issues. Christian forums offer a great platform to reach the unreached millions and share the good news of Jesus Christ. If you look at II Kings Chapter 5, you find a Hebrew servant maid. She was taken as a captive and was serving the wife of Naaman, a great Syrian warrior. Though Naaman was a powerful warrior and the highest official in the Syrian kingdom, he had leprosy. While he was worried and dejected, this Hebrew maid advised him to visit Elisha, a great prophet of God, to get his leprosy cured. When Naaman visited Elisha, he got his leprosy cured. How great is the testimony of a small servant maid? She has done a good thing to her enemy. When a small maid servant could bring a great warrior to the feet of the Lord, how powerful can our testimony work on the lives of downtrodden and dejected people? civirtualtours Join good Christian forums and share the love of God to encourage people and save them from bondage.

However, we are not concerned about other people. We live in our own comfort randygoodwin zones. We do not have time for Christian forums or Christian sites. When Israel was taken captive, Esther was a part of these captives. She was chosen as the wife of King Ahasuerus. When the king gave a decree to kill Israelis, listening to the word of Haaman, everyone was worried about their lives. During that time, Mordacai came to Esther and asked her to meet the king and request him to cancel the decree. When she was hesitating, he told that God can use an alternate way if she does not do this work. Then she went to the King and cancelled the decree to save the whole nation. If one person can stand for the Lord, vitamondo the whole nation can be saved. Join good Christian forums and spread this good news to the entire world.


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