The Best Name Badge Fastener For Your Application

Designing a quality and great looking name badge is essential when creating employee name badges, however, making sure they’re comfortable and practical for fastener company the wearer makes all the difference as well. Follow these few tips on how to choose the best fastener for your name badge application.

Pins are a very economical option used for many types of name badges. Most companies will offer them as a standard, free of charge fastener when ordering badges. The down side to using a pin would be if the wearer was usually outfitted with sheer clothing, such as silk. The pin backs might leave small holes or tears in a shirt or blouse. Additionally, Executive presence pins wouldn’t be ideal for use with heavy badges, such as multi-layered window badges or badges made with heavy metal or acrylic materials.

Magnets are a great options and very popular among those who order name badges. They are perfect for avoiding punctures in clothing left by pin fasteners and have a stronger hold for use with heavier clothing fabrics. They also serve as better fasteners for use with large badges or badges made using heavy materials. The down side to using magnets though, is that they’re not always cost effective. In addition, they aren’t safe for use of those with Pace Makers.

Although pocket adapters may not ultimately be the best choice of fastener for busy, fast-paced, or outdoor applications, they do offer a very light-weight and comfortable badge fastening option for indoor environments such as in offices or professional careers. They can however be limiting if the wearer’s uniform or professional attire isn’t outfitted with a pocket. paoc-africa

Bulldog clips, alligator clips, and vinyl strap clips are a more cost effective alternative to a magnet. They aren’t as risky if being worn with sheer clothing and typically have a great hold on clothing once attached. They are versatile in that they can be attached most anywhere comfortable to the wearer, as well as easily be clipped to a lanyard or badge reel attachment.

Badge reels are great for hanging from belt loops or shirt pockets and allow for easy access to your name badge. They might not be the ideal option for badges that are coinmarketalert made from heavy materials, but are great for their retracting capabilities. This makes the badge readily available to be scanned and are great if a badge needs to be used often, but not necessarily always displayed front and center at all times.

Lanyards have proven to be another great name badge fastener method. They can be comfortably placed around the neck to clearly display name badges at all times. Lanyards are also very trendy and can “jazz up” the employee’s name badge and uniform. Unfortunately, shitcoinx as with magnets, they can become quite costly compared to other options, especially if ordered with custom printing. They also wouldn’t be ideal in factory or warehouse settings where they can be caught on machinery and become a safety hazard.


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