The Benefits of Synthetic Grass

A synthetic lawn and water capturing system solves many of the issues for those people who want the look and feel of lawn, but don’t want the maintenance time or cost, artificialturfanddesign or cannot grow a lawn because of their situation.

• Want to save water by not having to water a lawn at all?

• Want to collect your own water and use it around the home?

• Want a play area for children which is safe?

• Want more time on your weekends to enjoy life?

• Have a small courtyard or garden that doesn’t warrant planting lawn?

• Have a yard which is too shaded or too sloped for lawn to grow successfully?

If you answer yes to any of these questions then Synthetic Grass could solve your problems.

The new generations in Australia look like natural lawn and they even feel like it – it is a huge advance over previous generations of synthetic turf.

The two biggest issues facing every home owner are reducing the amount of water they use and finding more time to enjoy the leisure hours. Artificial grass not only does not need any watering, 파워볼 솔루션 분양 it actually can collect rainwater.

It also means regular weekend lawn maintenance chores will be a thing of the past, freeing up time to enjoy with family and friends.

The leading manufacturer in Australia uses a sub-surface membrane to collect the water and a storage system to save the water to use on the garden, to top up a pool or to wash the car.

A recent drought in Australia brought problems which needed long term solutions. This system can provide water for the rest of the garden through dry times.

Synthetic grass is ideal for situations where lawn will not grow easily such as: heavily shaded areas, for inner city backyards, homes with small courtyards, around pools or even on balconies or roof top terraces. It is ideal under trees or for sloping areas where grass is difficult to grow.

Depending on the area, the total investment for a Pro-tech lawn system would be less than a good quality paving installation and significantly enhances the value of any property or location,” says Bill Rorke, owner of Pro-tech lawn systems.


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