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The not so formal plans in wedding plans.

Planning your wedding can get quite strenuous, but you must keep in mind that it is yours and your spouse to be. Set aside a special time and event for just the two of you, The Wedding Planner whether it be the same day or even the day after.

After the months of planning your wedding; after the rush to get to the Church on time; after I dos and I wills…

At the end of the big day when the ceremony and festivities are over, and you’re just simply tired and wiped out from all the hoop-la, the people, and the so prim of things, usefulinfodaily wouldn’t you like to let out a long breath and just be yourself?

I have devised some helpful tips, tricks, and suggestions to be able to do just that. I know, because I have done them.

In most cases, the reception ceremony consists of the bride and groom having a small bite to eat, a few dances, the cutting of the cake, and then leaving the festivities to go on their honeymoon.

Tip #1
During the reception, skate shop make sure to fit in time for the ‘Dollar Dance’. I have no idea where or when it was originated, but a dear friend introduced it to me for my own wedding. This will come in handy after the festivities are over, that I will explain in a few minutes.

For those of you who don’t know what the ‘Dollar Dance’ is, I will explain now. The ‘Dollar Dance’ happens at some point in time during the reception usually near the end. The groom or best man announces to the guests that they are going to have a ‘Dollar Dance’. For every person that wishes to dance with the bride, they must hand the bride a dollar bill and ask- “May I have this dance?”

Tip #2
Now for the handy part: With the money you have collected from the ‘Dollar Dance’, you can now go pick up a few things to have your own festivities, just the two of you, paid for by your guests.

A. Order a box of pizza and a large bottle of soda.
B. Pick up some chips & dip and even some popcorn.

1. Now that you have your pizza, soda, chips & dip, and popcorn, pop in a good movie that you both will like.

2. Curl up on the sofa or bed together, making your selves comfortable.

3. Open the pizza, soda, chips and so on, and place them all within reach.

4. You should provide yourself with napkins for this event. It could get a tad messy.

If you go to the pizza parlor and/or grocery store with your wedding attire still on more times than not, it will be given to you for free or a nice discount. For more info visit here:-

Relax and Enjoy:
You’re alone now, just the two of you. Be yourselves. Let your hair down and live a little. Eat the pizza with your fingers_ right out of the box; drink from the soda bottle. No plates, no utensils or cups. No muss no fuss. Just enjoy the free time together.

As an added bonus: while you’re eating the chips & dip, share the dip together and scoop from the container. Open the popcorn and have fun tossing it in the air and catching it in your mouth, or better yet, tossing it to each other.


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