Internet Marketing For the Beginner

To understand Internet marketing, it is helpful to understand what the term marketing means.

Marketing, according to Wikipedia, kms auto is the process by which companies determine what products or services may be of interest to customers, and the strategy to use in sales, communications and business development.

Say what?

You have companies dryer repair san diego that make products and they want to sell them to make money. There are people who are interested (hopefully) in the product that the company has to offer. Marketing is the process of connecting the two.

Basically, for a company to sell anything, fancy name they have to get the message out. This is done through advertising and a sales force.

In Internet marketing, you are the advertising and sales force. It is your job to find companies with products and connect them to people who want those products — for a commission. garten

How do you do this? You advertise using the Internet. This is why they call it Internet marketing.

There are two common forms of on-line marketing: cat house


  1. Commission Per Sale (CPS)
  2. Commission Per Action (CPA)

Commission per sales is the most SEO common form making money on-line. Another name for this is affiliate marketing.


You are offering for sale a product by a company, as an affiliate. When some one buys the item, you are paid a commission on the sale.

CPA is a fancy name for lead generation. In these cases, the sales process may not be viable on the Internet. But the Internet can be used to collect the names of qualified customers. So, Home deco every time you get a qualified lead to sign up for a sale or service, you get paid. Exactly how all this works is dependent upon the organization offering the product or service.

So how do you advertise on the Internet?

First of all, you need to have something to offer. Then you have to create some kind of web page for it. Then you have to market that page. Those are three simple steps, that are not necessarily easy to execute.

First of all you need to find an audience and something to sell to them. This means you have to do market research.

Second, you need to be able to create web pages. There are technical skills required here.

Third, how in the heck do you market your page? There are many techniques. Some will cost you money. Some will cost you time. Either way it is work.


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