Low Budget PR – Honor And Integrity In Publicity

One thing that I’ve learned throughout my work in publicity is to maintain a strong sense of honor and integrity. Those two things can not only make or break your campaign, but also they are the fabric of this business of publicity.

Let’s discuss the phrase, “this business of publicity.” Understand just like almost anything in America, MOD APK apps publicity is a business and the name of the game is to make money, right? Trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cents – you’ve heard of it. We all have. However your mind should not be focused on making money only. The idea that you should have about business is learning how to make sense out of dollars. Let’s take it one step further by adding the following qualifying statement: “utilizing integrity and honor.”

I don’t mean to go all third grade on you, but… with all things business considered, and when you put it together with your goal in business becomes “to make sense out of dollars using integrity and honor.”

Understand that the above-mentioned statement as applied to your publicity campaign is definitely consumer-centric. So how will you make sense of your projected/future profits in publicity? You will do this through having a strong sense of honor and integrity while promoting and/or selling your product, service or company. You will appeal directly to your niche consumer.

University of California San Diego linguistics professor Suzette H. Elgin coined the following statement: “All language is manipulative; all communication is attempted persuasion.”

Keep that in mind as you embark on your quest for publicity. The reason why I bring this up is that even though you will inevitably sway (manipulate) and persuade your niche consumer with savvy wordplay and unique jargon, that does not mean that it is okay to be dishonest or lack integrity. You can’t come off as straight up pushing a hard sale in publicity. You’ve got to continuously be the consumer’s advocate by asking yourself how your consumer will benefit from what your selling or offering. The name of the game is trust my friend. shop

Take a look at the spam mail in your inbox – those emails with a catchy title and 1000 words of hype building up to a hard sale at the end of the email. Now imagine that same hype written up in an article instead. Would you buy into someone pushing their product down your throat? Before you can even begin to tap your consumer’s wallet, you must tap into their mind. You’ve got to learn to distinguish between bad hype and good hype. Customers avoid bad hype like the plague (I know I do!). It is through good hype that you will build trust and anticipation in the mind of your target consumer. “Anticipation breeds visualization” especially when you’re trying to build trust with your consumer.

Your ultimate goal with any and every interview that you do is to gain your consumer’s trust in an honorable way – never deceptive. You are not there to “push” your product, service or company. Instead, you are enlightening a “needy” consumer by offering your expertise. Get it? It is the repeat customer that will become your most powerful ally in publicity. Because they will trust you and your expertise so much that they’ll definitely send referrals your way.

Every entrepreneur is anxious to make boo-koo money in business and have tons of publicity. In order to do this you have to master the techniques of honor and integrity in business. Once you accomplish this,  you’ll be surprised to see how quickly publicity will find you.


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